logo Anne A. Johnson - Site Selection/Support

Anne A. Johnson's core responsibilities at Global One Commercial are guiding the company in its important site selection process relating to new developments or build-to-suit projects. Anne has a strong background in real estate investment, management and development.

She is a former executive with Lakeville Development Company, where she has worked for the last twelve (12) years. Lakeville Development Company has a portfolio mix of multi-family apartments, retail centers and office buildings mainly in the Airport/South of the River submarket. While at Lakeville Development she served as part of the development team that designed and constructed two separate multi-family apartment complexes. Anne has also had the opportunity to work on the management side of various properties. She has learned the intricacies and challenges of managing large multi-family apartment portfolios. Her breadth of experience is deep from the day-to-day work of apartment management, to the analysis of various investment grade properties.

Anne is a honors graduate of Wellesley College in Boston (Wellesley) Massachusetts and has received her mini-MBA in Real Estate from the University of St. Thomas.