• Federal Plaza

    During the last real estate boom - Global One Commercial was one of the only developers to introduce office condominiums into the Minneapolis Central Business District (CBD).  The office condominium product type had been highly successful in suburban locations.  The Federal Plaza Project was conceived as an opportunity for downtown business people to own and invest in offices, located in the heart of downtown Minneapolis.  The project incorporated a complete overhaul and renovation of a five-story 1914 style masonry building.  The project budget was approximately $5.3 million dollars.

    Federal Plaza combined a prestigious address in an exceptional location with all the privileges of ownership.  The building is located within a block of the Hennepin County Government Center and US Bank Plaza.  It was designed to incorporate a new Class A Building lobby with modern advanced building systems.  The building also included generous Tenant Improvement packages.  This allowed buyers to design their offices from the ground up to fit their specific requirements and company image.           Download PDF Brochure

  • Fed Plza Ext Rend (Fed Plaza Page Reduced)(12-16-09).jpg Exterior Rendering
    This shows an architectural rendering of the exterior of Federal Plaza Business Condos.
    27.jpg Minneapolis City Hall/US Bank Plaza
    Federal Plaza is within one block of Minneapolis City Hall and US Bank Plaza.
    Bro-01 (Light Rail)(slide show 2)(12-9-09).jpg Hiawatha Light Rail
    Light rail runs within one block of Federal Plaza and has been a significant addition to the Minneapolis CBD.
    40.jpg Custom Interiors
    Improvement packages allowed buyers to custom design to fit their company image.
    Steel_w_Logo (Fed Plaza Page Cropped)(12-16-09).jpg Federal Plaza
    A large marketing campaign was undertaken which included billboards & a high-end brochure.
    Bro-02.jpg Heart of Downtown
    Federal Plaza is located central to the legal community near City Hall and the Government Center.
    Federal Plaza Exterior (Fed Plaza Page Cropped Top Roof)(12-16-09).jpg Value of Ownership
    The building represented a forward thinking approach and recognized the value of ownership.
    Federal Plaza (Lobby)(Image for Fed Plaza Page)(12-15-09).jpg Building Lobby
    The lobby was fully redesigned with distinct slate and lighting, panel wood & modern glass wall.
    Fed Plaza Exterior (Olympus Crop Oliver Crop)(1-4-09).jpg Building Exterior
    Project incorporated a complete overhaul and renovation of a 1914 style masonry building.